Strategic Patent Planning

Mapping your patent strategy to your business strategy generally involves linking the subject matter of your patent applications to your current business goals and product offerings. Sometimes the patent process occurs before a business starts.  

Critical questions need to be answered to develop a strategy for writing and filing patents for a specific  entity. Will the product/process be developed and manufactured? Is it preferable to sell the patent and  not develop it? Is the product undergoing constant modifications? Do we have a specific competitor? The answers to these key questions aids in determining the correct patent strategy to pursue. 

Key Steps: Mapping Your Patent Strategy 

  • Obtaining patent protection for immediate monetization via patent sale or licensing
  • Preparing new patent applications to cover important subject matter that the company is  currently developing 
  • Mining existing patent applications to see whether you have claims (or can file new claims) to  cover features that have recently become valuable
  • Checking whether your existing patent claims might cover a competitor’s products 
  • Creating large application vehicles, enabling patent families


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