A patentability search is an important step when seeking to patent an invention. Is it possible to do a patent search on your own? Yes, it is. But chances are, the search results may not be thorough enough to enable you to make a good decision when deciding whether to move forward with filing a patent. 

Search terms are extremely important when constructing a patent search. A list is made, and variations listed, including common terms or synonyms in other countries. This list is updated dynamically, as the search progresses. 

It is very important to be knowledgeable regarding how an examiner at the USPTO rejects patent applications, to help guide your search results. An examiner may seek any publicly available information to bar your patent during an examination. This information includes issued patents, published patent applications, blogs, web sites, promotional articles, white papers, sales flyers, and scholarly articles published here in the U.S., or any other country. Additionally, an examiner does not need to find your entire invention in a single patent or website — an examiner may also combine results to bar your patent application. 

Rarely is an inventor considering filing a patent application knowledgeable enough to do a comprehensive patent search. A patent search performed by a patent agent or attorney licensed with the USPTO is the absolute best choice if you are serious about filing a patent for your invention. You will get the critical information you need, to make the best choice moving forward. 

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