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A professional patent search provides a strong platform for informed decisions, especially when  developing a new product to launch or before filing a patent application. 

Increasingly, organizations are also using patent searching to monitor patent activities of competitors, in  order to better understand the competitive landscape in which they operate.  

Do you have room to operate in your field? Has another company already developed a similar product in  your market? Is there prior art that may bar your patent from issuing? Will you be infringing another  patent if you make and sell your product? These are all questions a good foreign and domestic search  can help you answer. 

Knowing where and how to look for relevant technical, patent and business information when  conducting a comprehensive patent search requires high level training and years of experience. As an  assurance of quality, all our searches are conducted by or under the supervision of an experienced  patent agent or attorney, who is also a professional patentsearcher.  

Our Search and Analysis service offerings include a full report and copy of all prior art found. A  conference with one of our practitioners helps determine how to move forward after a search or if  product modifications are in order.


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