Patent Drafting

Ideas and innovations are at the heart of any company’s future growth and success. Whether a start-up  or established corporation, innovation must be identified, nurtured and properly documented and  protected to become a bona fide company asset.

Drafting a new patent application requires a detailed technical understanding of an invention and the  problem the invention solves. At LPS, we pride ourselves on our highly qualified team of engineers  covering most technology areas. There is just no substitute for experience when it comes to patent  drafting. LPS practitioners and engineers have written well over 1000 patent applications to date. 

Key Steps in the Patent Drafting Process Include: 

  • A thorough understanding of the invention in consultation with the inventor
  • Preparation of drawings 
  • Inventor’s review of drawings 
  • Incorporation of inventor’s inputs into the next stage of preparation 
  • Claim drafting 
  • Specification drafting 
  • Enablement of all the claims 
  • Incorporation of all possible embodiments and illustrations of the invention
  • Client review of complete draft 
  • Addition and inclusion of all suggestions from the client’s end
  • Preparation of a final draft

Patent Filing

Patent applications require both legal and technical expertise. Even small mistakes can dramatically  compromise the value of the a patent. Patent filing is a very detailed procedural process, where  experience is key. Follow-up is critical, we ensure all forms and documents are properly accepted by the  United States Patent Trademark Office, forwarded to an examiner and processed. 

Docketing your filing is essential. Our staff at LPS is experienced and competent, making sure nothing  slips through the cracks. We begin the day we file and keep track of your patent until the last  maintenance fee is paid, 11.5 years after issue. This is service you can depend on.


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