If necessity is the mother of invention, then quarantine is the father of invention. For every new invention that is filed as a patent application, the inventors must invest hundreds of hours. Perfecting an invention requires weeks of searching, initial engineering, testing prototypes, testing markets and more, which takes resources and time most people do not have when navigating daily routines of high stress careers and family.  When the world was hit with COVID-19, phones started ringing in patent attorney and patent agent offices all over the country because people actually had the time to see a problem and imagine a solution while sheltering in place.

New Problems, New Inventions

Albeit, innovation is usually spurred when new problems are in the public eye, for example, we always get a smattering of calls when another tragedy happens in a hot car with a baby or child. But, without the time that sheltering in place provides, it would be very difficult to have the space to think, problem solve, develop, and innovate. When COVID-19 hit in the US, many of us found ourselves with the kind of time we have not experienced since we graduated high-school!

Protect Your Inventions with Patent

When you recognize a problem that needs a solution and you believe you have a solution, make a drawing, put it on paper and do some research. Information is at our fingertips, now, and fairly easy to do. A good patent professional can help with a search in order to determine if you have room to operate in the industry your invention lies within.  A search can show you what is already in the public domain and also give you ideas of how to modify your invention into something that is a better solution than the inventions that were found in the search.

An experience can help with the search, both foreign and domestic as well as writing and filing your patent application. Whether a utility product, or design application, Lamon Patent Services follows through with the application, negotiating with the patent examiners in order to issue a valuable patent. If you have an idea, fill out the form below to receive a free evaluation of your invention so you know what your options are. Do it while you have the time.

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