Lamon Patent Services is proud to announce its merger with Central Coast Patent Agency and the expansion of its team. LPS together CCPA, they will be headed by a dynamic team of patent experts with 45 years of combined experience in the patent field. We’ve helped clients and companies monetize their ideas, and together our clients have filed over 3,000 patent applications.

Introducing Donald R. Boys

Donald R. Boys founded Central Coast Patent Agency in 1992 to create cost-effective, valuable patent portfolios for funded start-ups and independent inventors. He is registered to practice Intellectual Property law before the United States Patent and Trademark Office Reg. No. 35,074, and has guided over 1,000 patents to issue for clients in the United States and many foreign countries, as well. Don supervises the preparation of all patent applications, as well as claim drafting. He also supervises all formal responses to actions from the USPTO and examination authorities in foreign cases. Formal responses to date total more than 3,600. Utilizing his extensive experience, Don brings both critical and creative thinking into the process of writing a specification, providing more value and protection specific to each client. Don has a background in Engineering, and was an understudy to Patent Attorney Joseph Hobart Smith.

Enhanced Patent Services with an Expanded Team

The new and imoroved LPS team is looking forward to helping to protect your IP and inventions with advanced knowledge and expertise for the long-term success of your business.

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