Chickfly Pants: Freedom to ‘Go’ Anywhere.

Lamon Patent services is proud to announce the completed patent portfolio and market launch of Chickfly. Chickfly is the first of its kind fly that works for women, no zipper, no fastener.  Chickfly pants were created to solve the bathroom problem that women face every day. Our patented fly is held together by tension, creating a seamless, flattering, soft, and easy-to-use feature in the most comfortable and stylish basic black pants that every woman needs. Made out of sustainable bamboo, our eco-tech fabric is perfect for all activities, from lounging on the couch to bushwhacking in the outback.

With a focus on empowerment, adventure, and equality, Chickfly offers durability, style, and convenience – a pant that works for women, for everyone.

Free your fly, and the rest will follow.

Solving the ‘Bathroom Problem’

Ecological entrepreneur Anna Birkás set out to address the “bathroom problem” that women encounter in the outdoors. While men can go pee with privacy anywhere women experience a lack of access or a breach of privacy. Outdoor enthusiast, hydrologist, and general contractor working on science and construction projects, Birkás experienced this disparity, caused by the simple fact that women were still wearing pants designed for a male’s anatomy. Birkás solved this problem.

Using biomimicry of female anatomy, she developed a fly that combines classic design with innovation, perfect construction, and functionality.

Chickfly Pants

The story of Chickfly pants is years of research, development, and hard work. Dozens of women tested the prototypes on their adventures around the world. Two years ago Chickfly came together with designer Eloisa Serrano of Bay Thread to perfect the style, the grading (sizing), and develop a tech pack (technical specifications for the pattern). After producing dozens of variations of Chickfly pants, that were tested by our squad, we are ready to produce and manufacture our final perfected patented design. Our pants are locally produced by Bay Thread, a female-owned business in the Bay Area.

Chickfly pants have a universal fly and four deep pockets.

Chickfly pants are made from sustainable bamboo. We chose Canadian company Oratex’s Eco-tech line because they met our high standards. The material is 93% sustainable bamboo with 7% lycra for stretch. This Eco-stretch fabric achieves acme standards of environmental friendliness and quality.

Our material has a high level of colorfastness, natural anti-microbial properties, natural odor control, and excellent stretch and recovery. It is strong and supple. The dyes are organic, too, so they don’t pollute water and wildlife. They can be machine washed on cold and hand dried.

Our patented design has two overlapping stretch fabric panels that pull apart. The fly goes from front to back, allowing one to open it however much is desired.

Chickfly opens like a woman’s body  —  form follows function.  Like overlapping soft lips, it is supple and expansive. Our bamboo material is soft and durable.

Biomimicry looks to nature for inspiration to solve design problems in a regenerative way. Our 4-way stretch fabric is flexible and molds to your body. If you are between sizes you can choose if you prefer your pants to be tight enough to provide compression, or just fit your body in a gentle manner.

Chickfly: Freedom to Go Anywhere.

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