Cultivating Curiosity

Arlyne Simon doesn’t want to be a statistic. She is a biomedical engineer, patent-holding inventor, author, and entrepreneur. Today, that puts her among a very small number of women—especially women of color—but Simon is on a mission to change that. An Interview with...

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LPS Announces its Merger with Central Coast Patent Agency

Lamon Patent Services is proud to announce its merger with Central Coast Patent Agency and the expansion of its team. LPS together CCPA, they will be headed by a dynamic team of patent experts with 45 years of combined experience in the patent field. We’ve helped...

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How Do You Know if Your Idea is Worth Patenting?​

As an inventor, you may have asked this question: how do you know if your idea is worth patenting? You’re not alone. Many inventors wonder whether or not their ideas are worth the time and cost of patenting. In order for your invention to qualify for patent...

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What is the Best Way to Patent an Invention

What is the Best Way to Patent an Invention

Patents are basically an agreement between an inventor and a government. If the inventor provides a new technology, product, plant, design, composition of matter or business method to the general public, then the government will allow that inventor to prevent others...

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