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Over 20 years and 800 PAtents

Experienced Patent Services to Protect Your Inventions

Lamon Patent Services has over 20 years of experience working with intellectual property (IP)  including patent searching, drafting, and prosecution on a global scale.

Our expertise spans multiple industries  and market segments, ranging from telecommunications, power and energy, to computer software,  biotechnology and beyond. 

With approximately 1,500 prosecution responses prepared to date and assisting with approximately 800  issued patents, Lamon Patent Services is a proven patent expert and highly recommended among the  patent community. 

Patent Searches

Proper patent searches provides a strong platform for informed decisions saving you headaches and money later. 

Drafting and Filing

Drafting a new patent application requires a detailed technical understanding of an invention and the problem the invention solves.

Strategic Planning

Questions need to be answered to develop a strategy for writing and filing patents for a specific entity.

Prosecution and Appeals

Once an Office Action is received, LPS gets to work docketing, notifying clients and creating a strategy for response. 

Client/Examiner Conferencing

We make conferencing a high priority at LPS, making ample time to listen to, review and understand our client’s inventions.


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